Information Systems Integration is capable of handling projects of any size, ranging from small, simple program changes and troubleshooting, to designing, installing and commissioning large complex systems, working with numerous
contractors in the process.

Below are a sample of some of the projects Information Systems Integration has been involved in and provides an overview of the type and scope of work carried out.

Food Manufacturing (Biscuit & Crackers)

Project Value: $300K
Objectives: Replace an old relay-controlled ingredient delivery system and track and trace all ingredient delivery to a database.

Overview: Two control panels were upgraded to new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controller systems with integrated networks. A customised Microsoft SQL Server database was built to track all operator actions from the plant, equipment accuracy, and ingredient delivery, with the option to later connect to a Warehouse Management Stock Control System (WMS).

An intranet web based reporting system was developed using Microsoft Reporting Services. All data from ControlLogix PLC was committed to the database using Rockwell Software Factory Talk Transaction Manager. The operator interfaces distributed on each machine were Allen-Bradley Panelviews.

A full Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system was developed with Rockwell Software Factory Talk View SE Distributed Server. This SCADA system was expanded to cover other parts of the plant. Working closely with the onsite IT personnel, two Microsoft Server 2003 Servers where also installed and configured as part of the project.

An RFID tag system was also installed as part of this system to track ingredient movement from one part of the plant to another.

2008: the Mixing room was extended and an additional project carried out to track and trace all mixing events and operator actions to the same database and reporting system. 
At this stage a link was also created from the Main Recipe Specification database to the Production database to ensure the integrity of production recipes.
Board Manufacturer

Project Value: $60K
Objectives: Implement a batch track and trace system with an operator interface.

Overview: A customised database was built to achieve this based around a batch S88 Standard. Microsoft SQL Server and Crystal Reports software were utilised for all reporting.

The operator interface used was Rockwell Software RSView32 SCADA with an active display server for multiple screens. Data is passed from this interface to a transaction manager and committed to a customised SQL Server database for processing.
Food Manufacturing (Bread)

Project Value: $60K
Objectives: Replace an old database with newer technology to track packing and plant productivity.

Overview: A customised Microsoft SQL Server database was designed and implemented to track product packing to dispatch. Rockwell Software RSView32 was used for the operator interface and Factory Talk Transaction Manager was used to commit data to the database. Microsoft Reporting Services was used to produce live web reports of production.

2005: An existing Access database application was also converted and upgraded with a SQL Server back end and web reporting for all reports. This database was used to track all recipes and ingredient usage in production.

2009: Existing manual spreadsheets that track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been replaced with a real-time SQL Server database with live reporting using Reporting Services. This is necessary due to the complex production matrix and a highly fluid Just In Time (JIT) Pack to Order production schedule.
Aluminium Extrusion

Project Value: $150K
Objectives: Reduce downtime, increase quality and reduce scrap metal by tracking all press data and operator actions for an extrusion press.

Overview: An operator interface was built and integrated with a customised third party AS400 database. All press running data was to be captured and compared with planned settings to ensure proper press setup and function. The interface was designed with touch screen capabilities and implemented. Rockwell Software RSView32 was used to achieve this.

Data is passed from this interface to a transaction manager and committed to a customised SQL Server database for processing. Later Microsoft Reporting Services was added to provide historical reporting on press performance.
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